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Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

What causes Nail Fungus?
Nail fungus is a fungal condition. Nail fungus is caused when the nail bed becomes infected, often onset by separation of the nail and exposure to bacteria. During the onset growth of the fungus, keratin build up causes the nail to separate further allowing for fungus to invade more easily. Often, during this stage the infection goes from mild to severe and can spread to other nails, especially toenails, in the crowded, moist environment created by our footwear.
How long should I expect to wait before seeing improvement?
Typically, sufferers can expect visible results with less severe cases of nail fungus within the first few weeks, though some people with severe nail fungus can expect as little as a month of use before seeing improvement. Nail fungus does not occur overnight and it won't disappear overnight. However, with consistent use and patience you can alleviate fungal nails – NailRENEW is a process that requires consistent daily applications, especially when dealing with severe nail fungus.
Is it possible to "permanently cure Nail fungus"?
Claims to cure nail fungus permanently are unrealistic. To date, there is currently no possible way to permanently cure nail fungus, but the condition can be effectively and easily managed indefinitely with NailRENEW. In order to ward off recurring infections and maintain great results, regular use of a topical solution like NailRENEW can greatly reduce the chance of another infection. Our formula contains FDA approved antifungal ingredient Tolnaftate. It is a clinically proven antifungal recognized by the FDA and the active ingredient in NailRENEW. Our proprietary mixture of quaternary compounds and mild surfactants deliver Tolnaftate underneath the nail to the source of fungus.


How does NailRENEW work?
NailRENEW proprietary mixture of ingredients is designed specifically to target fungus and derail it’s spread during healthy regrowth. Tolnaftate, an FDA approved antifungal, is the active ingredient in NailRENEW’s formula. Mixture of quaternary compounds and mild surfactants work together to reach fungus around the ridges and underneath the nail area at the source.
How long will one bottle of NailRENEW last?
This depends on both the severity of your nail fungus and the number of nails you are applying. Typically, one 1oz bottle of NailRENEW will allow for 1 months worth. However, Nail fungus can take 1-3 months and the number of toes you are applying may vary which is why we offer a free bottle of NailRENEW with every purchase of two bottles or more. We recommend purchasing more than one bottle unless you are dealing with a very mild infection. Unlike most of our competition, our standard bottles are 1oz allowing for even and liberal distribution of NailRENEW. We also utilize a dropper tip to prevent contaminating of the formula which may be linked with other applicators.
Does NailRENEW require a prescription from a physician?
No, NailRENEW is an OTC product. In other words, it is available “over-the-counter” without a prescription. Many physicians actually recommend the use of Tolnaftate based solutions like NailRENEW instead of oral prescriptions or invasive procedures that are much more expensive and not guaranteed to perform as well.
Will NailRENEW irritate the skin around my nail?
NailRENEW is formulated with mild surfactants. However, please take into consideration any allergies you may have, and check with your physician if you have any concerns before, after, or during use.
Does NailRENEW have any side effects?
NailRENEW has no known side effects, please be mindful of any allergies you may have before using NailRENEW or consult a physician with any of your concerns before use.
Is NailRENEW shipped outside the United States?
Yes. We have begun shipping NailRENEW all over the world. We ship regularly to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and China among many other countries. We have to pass on a small shipping charge, but now nail fungus sufferers world wide can experience NailRENEW™ for themselves! Please factor in the extra time it sometimes takes for international shipping with a standard shipping option.
Is NailRENEW FDA approved?
Tolnaftate is an FDA approved antifungal ingredient. NailRENEW is formulated in a FDA registered facility.
Is NailRENEW safe during pregnancy?
Pregnant women may want to consult a physician before using this product although there is no conclusive data on humans linking Tolnaftate to adverse effects of fetus.
How often should I apply NailRENEW?
Some users report faster results with more frequent applications. For best results, we recommend applying NailRENEW twice a day, morning and night.
What is NailRENEW’s shelf life?
NailRENEW has a total shelf life of 3 years.
What makes NailRENEW different?
NailRENEW utilizes Tolnaftate, 1% as the active ingredient. Tolnaftate is emulsified in a proprietary mixture of ingredients which provide a unique delivery system designed to help Tolnaftate to be more effective. Other oil based treatments may be effective on the surface and fall short at reaching fungus underneath the ridges of the nail area. NailRENEW is helps fights fungal agents around the cuticle and underneath the ridges of the nail area to deliver great results.
Is NailRENEW safe for toddlers?
The product is not recommended for children under 3 unless prescribed by a physician.
Can NailRENEW be applied on top of nail polish?
NailRENEW may or may not be effective when applied on top of a polished nail - there have been no tests conducted to prove so. Nail polishes are composed of varying chemicals and to make a generalization based on all nail polishes would be inaccurate. It is recommended to remove nail polish and lightly file infected nails prior to applications.
Is NailRENEW effective on the fingernails?
NailRENEW is designed to be safe and effective when applied to fingers and toes.
Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you can place an order 24/7 by calling toll free at (800) 678-6341.
Does Tolnaftate have any effect on the liver?
The most common side effect of Tolnaftate is skin irritation and is rare. There is no data available on its effect on the liver. Since this is a topical application, very little if any, of Tolnaftate may be absorbed into the blood. The risk of it interacting with another medicine or liver functions may be very low. More information can be obtained from sites such as “” or "webmd". Please consult your medical physician if with specific concerns using Tolnaftate based products such as NailRENEW.

NailRENEW™ is formulated in an FDA registered facility using a blend of clinically proven anti fungal active ingredients including Tolnaftate.

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