What Is Nail Fungus

Nail fungus (known medically as “Onychomycosis”, “ringworm of the nail” or “nail mycosis”) is a common nail disease affecting over 80% of adults and 40% of adolescents, both male and female. People are usually unaware there is even a designated medical term for nail fungus let alone that it is treatable. Begin treatment at the first sign of symptoms to avoid months worth of treatment.

Thick, Brittle, Discolored, Ugly Nails

NailRENEW™ contains the maximum strength allowed for formulations containing Tolnaftate, 1%. Nail fungus is difficult to treat due to its hard to reach location underneath the nail bed. Tolnaftate is delivered underneath the nail bed using the mild solvent, PEG-8, and a proprietary mixture of mild surfactants and compounds. The result is a unique antifungal delivery system for both surface and hard to reach nail infections. Buy Online

Nail fungus is hard to miss in the later stages. It appears most often on toenails, although it can just as easily infect your fingernails. Once you have nail fungus, your only recourse is to begin a treatment – nail fungus does not go away on its own.

It is difficult for people to spot the early signs of nail fungus since the condition may vary visually from case to case and based on it’s cause. As the nail grows infected, you will notice a discoloration of the nail usually yellowish in hue; however nail fungus is often white, black, or green at different stages of development.

With time, the nail becomes brittle, cloudy and thickens. Treatment times vary depending on the severity of the fungus, usually a minimum of one month of daily treatment is enough to restore healthy, clear nails.

NailRENEW™ penetrates the nail more easily than other treatments, allowing it to help nail fungus underneath the nail, where other treatments may fail to reach.

Nail Fungus Causes and Treatment

Your nail fungus is caused by fungal spores called Dermatophytes that penetrate and enter underneath your nail bed where it rapidly develops into a serious fungal condition. Tight footwear allows for crowding of the toes and creates a warm, moist confined area – this type of environment is perfect for the growth of fungi and encouraging more fungal development. Public or communal showers, locker rooms, and dorms are very high risk areas for contracting nail fungus and spreading it to others.

Your Best Option Is

NailRENEW™ is formulated with a proprietary mixture of clinically proven ingredients and a unique delivery system to target fungus and promote healthy nail regrowth.

Target your fungus with NailRENEW for clear, confident nails.

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