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  • How It Works

  • Delivery system designed to target hard to reach fungal toenail and fingernail infections where others fall short.

how Does NailRENEW®

NailRENEW® is formulated in an FDA registered facility using a blend of proven anti fungal active ingredients including Tolnaftate. We combined the very best that modern science has to offer with a unique delivery system designed to absorb more easily and deliver antifungal agents to the source of the infection underneath and around the source of infection (the area other natural treatments may fail to reach).

NailRENEW® is a pearlescent liquid with a low viscosity, it is designed specifically to be applied around the cuticle and ridges of the nail. Compared to others, the unique NailRENEW® delivery system consists of non irritating conditioners like aloe vera, glycerin and propylene glycol.

The active ingredient, Tolnaftate, is delivered throughout using the solvent PEG-8 and a proprietary mixture of surfactants and compounds – the result is a delivery system that helps get deep into the root to help fight off fungal infections.

Why NailRENEW?

  • Formulated in a US FDA registered facility
  • Safe and effective
  • Starts breaking down fungal agents right away
  • Absorbed in seconds and odorless
  • Unique delivery system designed to help eliminate infections
  • Dropper bottle tip opposed to brush applicator to prevent contamination

NailRENEW® is the product of combined experience from the medical and cosmetic fields and is engineered specifically to target and ameliorate your nail fungus.

NailRENEW® is a specialized formula designed to improve your nails appearance in different ways

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Delivery System

NailRENEW® contains the maximum strength permitted for formulations containing Tolnaftate, 1%. Nail fungus is difficult to reach due to its location underneath the nail bed and around the ridges. Tolnaftate is delivered more easily underneath and around the nail area using the mild solvent, PEG-8, and a proprietary mixture of mild surfactants and compounds.

The result is a unique antifungal delivery system for both surface and hard to reach fungal infections.

Proven Antifungal Tolnaftate

Tolnaftate, the active ingredient in NailRENEW®, is an approved FDA antifungal ingredient. It was originally engineered by scientists in the 1960’s and it has been emulsified within our formula to treat nail fungus more effectively. We use the maximum permitted strength of this clinically proven ingredient in our formula.

What separates NailRENEW® from the other products on the market is that it reaches nail fungus directly at its source.

Our proprietary mixture of surfactants and compounds deliver Tolnaftate more easily to the infection underneath your nail.

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Key Ingredients

Aloe, Peg-8 and Compounds

  • PEG-8 (polyethylene glycol 8) is a low-molecular-weight grade of polyethylene glycol. It is a clear, colorless, viscous liquid. PEG 8 is a strongly hydrophilic solvent

  • Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years in medicine. People have used the gel from aloe vera leaves for its healing and softening properties.

  • Compound blends can be developed to have antimicrobial qualities. Certain compounds, especially those containing long alkyl chains, are included in the NailRENEW® formula to help target fungus around and underneath the nail area.

Why NailRenew®
is your best option

NailRENEW® is a topical, pain free process at the fraction of the cost of invasive surgeries. Oral antibiotics are taxing on the liver and come without any guarantee to their effectiveness.

People who choose NailRENEW® restore perfect looking nails and never look back. Avoid the stresses associated with the alternative options and use what really works.

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